New Masjid Project - Please donate generously

The greatest investment before Ramadan ends - Build your masjid and build your house in Jannah.

Masjid Al-Nur was established in 2009 in a small retail space in a strip mall not far from the current location in Mechanicsburg, PA. We outgrew the capacity of that place within 4 years so we had to move to our current location and have been here since 2013 on a lease basis. Now we have outgrown this rental space as well and need to expand. That's why we have to take this beautiful opportunity to buy this entire property.

The property sits on 3.8 acres with 55,000 square feet (sq.ft.) building space. Once paid off, InshaAllah, we will have parking for 200+ cars, 17,000 square feet hall to build a bigger Masjid and classrooms. In addition, we will have another 9,000 sq.ft. hall for multipurpose uses, sports gathering, Ramadan, and Iftar. Now, inshaAllah, it's your opportunity, especially in the month of Ramadan, to donate generously for the sake of Allah SW.

We plead with you and we ask you to support this project. Your donation will meet our children’s dream of a big Masjid, big gymnasium, and big classrooms. Think of it as an investment for yourself, for your family, and for your loved ones who have passed away. Think of it as a continuous charity, as a SADAQAH JAARIA (continuous charity) that you will find, InshaAllah, in your records on the Day Of Judgment. 

We may have so many dreams and wishes to achieve in this Dunyaa (world) but we should all know that the dead among the Muslims have only one wish; As Allah SWT says in the Quran in Surah Munafiqoon, "... And spent (in the way of Allah) from what we have provided you before death approaches to one of you and he/she says 'O my lord, if only You would delay my time a little, that I can give SADAQAH (charity) and be among the righteous'" Only one wish, the dead have, is just to come back or to be delayed that way they can give SADAQAH. So inshaAllah give generously for this project.

We ask Allah SWT to accept from all of us and Jazak Allahu Khairan.

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