Past Announcement      Published: Sat, May 23, 2020

Will I be here the next Ramadan?

As-salaam Alaikum  - Will I be here next Ramadan? Will I have the chance to reap the great blessings associated with this blessed month? Nothing is guaranteed, but you still have few hours and the chance to take advantage of THIS Ramadan!

Please donate generously to the new project at Masjid Al-Nur.

Payment options:

1. *PayPal*

Send to as friends and family
Click on

2. *By check*
Please make your check payable to: masjid Al-Nur
Address: 5247 Simpson Ferry rd, Mechanicsburg pa 17050

3. *Cash App*
Please use masjid's email( to send your payment through "Cash App"

4. *Bank account transfer*

Bank Name: PNC Bank
Account Name: Masjid Al-Nur
Routing No: 031312738
Account No: 5004588297

_"If you forward it to all your contacts you get the same reward"_

Sheikh Abdullah


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