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The greatest investment - Build your masjid and build your house in jannah

Assalamu Alaikum,

*Masjid Al-nur Fundraising*

Main option:

Other payment options:

1. *PayPal*

Send to as friends and family
Click on

2. *By check*
Please make your check payable to: masjid Al-Nur
Address: 5247 Simpson Ferry rd, Mechanicsburg pa 17050

3. *Cash App*
Please use masjid's email( to send your payment through "Cash App"

4. *Bank account transfer*

Bank Name: PNC Bank
Account Name: Masjid Al-Nur
Routing No: 031312738
Account No: 5004588297

_"If you forward it to all your contacts you get the same reward"_

Sheikh Abdullah

Donate without any fees


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