Past Announcement      Published: Tue, Apr 5, 2022

Daily Iftar in the month of Ramadan

Assalamu Alikum,

Masjid Al-Nur is arranging iftar daily in the month of Ramadan.

You are welcome to sponsor an iftar as we have a few open days.

You all are invited to join the iftar in'Sha'Allah.

Jajakumullah Khairan
Masjid Al-Nur


Mohamed     Tue, Apr 5, 2022 12:52 pm

Mansha Allah may the almighty Allah grant us all the highest of jannah, may Allah bless all the people who volunteer at this masjid, from the parking lot and all that Thanks for keeping us together الهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا ونبينا وحبيبنا محمد أشرف الأنبياء والمرسلين

Fahad     Thu, Apr 14, 2022 5:07 pm

Pls share iftaar calendar. Who is organizing Iftar today